Today we believe God wants us to know that ...

creativity is good for the soul.

Creativity is when your spirit gets a chance to play and express itself. So whether art, dance, cooking, making music, writing, or creating a garden, let yourself go! Create!

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I want justice from god, my father died for my x-husband n his parents torture, i also abused by them....My mother and i'm suffering for money by my brother n his wife n her parents, they also mentally abuse me n my mother, they r not giving us my father's property money, all money they don't give any single money to us. My mother is going to die without treatment of cancer for money..i'm going to stay in road for i have nothing place or money!!!! I want justice for these people who destroy me , my mother's n my father life..Please God I WANT JUSTICE...I want their punishment same way they destroy my life , my mother's n father life !!! Amin.