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God answer's prayer!

Sometime towards the ending of 2015, I was about rounding up from the University, I wrote one of my final exams that didn't turn out well, God knew I tried my very best and when I wrote it,it was easy for me but the devil decided to manipulate my result and gave me a result that wasn't mine. The result of that very cheap exam turn out to have the lowest mark I have ever had in the history of my study in the University from my very 1st year(i failed completely).
I was extremely sad because I thought my grade would nose-dive to the lowest ebb. I was depressed, I saw myself as a failure, saw myse...

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Dear Lord - I pray to focus on You. I am feeling sorry for myself again - it seems I go through bouts of depression. I feel lonely but I do it to myself. I am shy and I don't know how to socialize. I feel awkward. A long holiday weekend is coming up and I am already feeling the loneliness. I have always been an introvert but more so since my boyfriend...

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One day at a time: I am more grateful

I have had so many miracles from God! No matter how man trials and tribulations I've gone through through, He has also helped me and reminded me to see beyond that. The important parts like how one step opens the door to the next "miracle". They take time, but what you have to realize every day is at least 3 things you are grateful for and build from there. No matter what is going on, remember the beauty of God and know that he is with you. You will get what you need. Also, say prayers for other others, help to be an "inspiration", help others when you can in the way that will benefit them the best. There's so much more to say...Here's som...

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Good morning Glorious Lord Jesus and Thank You for all Blessings seen and unseen. Amen
God's blessings over all of us that come together in prayer. Amen

I pray for all the children and animals of our world that are hurting, hungry and in misery. Please protect them all and make them safe against all harms and I pray for abusers for their hearts to turn to Jesus. Amen

I pray for blessings a...

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But God...

My great-niece was recently taken to her Dad's in Oklahoma with the understanding that her Oma would be picking her up to return to North Carolina back to her Mom. Well, this week, he stopped taking calls from my niece and sister, he and his mother were making crazy posts on Facebook, calling my family names and saying they weren't giving my great-niece back. When my sister called me at work and told me that the Dad was not answering his phone and that she was afraid he had run off with the baby, I got off the phone went back to the "breakroom" at work and was sobbing. I had 1 of my co-workers pray with me that my great niece would be returned ...

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I am sending a joyful shout out on here. My brother had cirrhosis and Hepatitis C, God and 6 weeks of oral chemotherapy cured his liver. The doctor said she has never seen this happen, she is astounded! I am thrilled and keep crying happy tears! THANK YOU

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Being a Disciple was never meant to be easy

In every day life we go through many hardship sufferings Jesus never said it would be easy infact as you keep going in your walk with Jesus you must make a choice ( Do you want to be a true Disciple of Jesus ? ) if so you must deny yourself and you must pick up your ow cross ........In all of scripture there is not one single word that say Jesus was going to carry your cross for you ........many are deceived my thinking .....Jesus clearly said if you do not deny yourself and pick up your cross a...

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Please pray for my ex gf Erika - like me, she has her own family now. She asks for prayers for her husband who is becoming a little irresponsible.

Marie Joy