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The Healing Hands Of God

Last July 2016, my husband and grandson had left for Alaska for a few weeks vacation and Grandpa / Grandson time together leaving my granddaughter Chelle with me. I woke one morning feeling so sick that all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball and be left alone. Fortunately that didn`t happen as Chelle kept a very close eye on me and kept spoon feeding me Gatorade. She tried to get me to go to the hospital but I just didn`t want to move. Finally at 1am she heard me fall and I was wedged between nightstand and bed having a grand mal seizure. She called 911 they timed the seizure which was 7 minutes in length then she was ...

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Please pray for each of my three daughters for healing.

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Thanking God for healing

I found out in July 2016 I have epilepsy I was on 750 on Keppra that wasn't working for me so I kept having seizures which is scary! I had another seizure November 12th 2016. I finally met my neurologist in November after having another seizure. . She is a good christian doctor I believe God sent me to her she up the dose of my Keppra to 3000 it has been helping a lot! Along with the Atvian I am on I will be three months seizure free February 12th. I want to give thanks to God for h...

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I want some urgent job for my husband n I too need some job to help us sustain our small family with two kids. Please pray my husband gets a new job opening at the earliest before he is thrown out of this one. Please help us. I am tired thinking n over thinking n exhausted worrying about what shall happen I know if you lovely people pray together God who is sitting up wil...

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A Renewed Life

I am not only renewed once but I am renewed everyday. God is gracious enough to renew everything in us.

Glory to God in the highest.

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Pray for Nduka, Jon, Faige, Philppa, Roma and Asim