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God still loves you!!!!!!!!

I was just like any other teenage girl. I grew up in a Christian family but the problem is I didn't have a firm or stable relationship with God. Sometimes I could hear God telling me not to do this but I went against His will. It felt like I disobeyed him. One day, I remembered someone said something about me and shared it on media that really ruined my reputation. People were talking low about me and even my parents. On that day, I wanted to disappear from the Earth because I can't take the pain anymore. Thankfully my ...

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Geraldine Mae

Lord I need you always esp today. Love you Lord.

Geraldine Mae
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I am always with you God

Even im busy oh Lord, i am always here for you..and thank you for everything even in times that i am hard time for'll be there for me as always in seconds, minutes, hours, anytime you are there for me God...and i thankful you give me my wishes that what i've request that time i am asking you that someone can loved me true...coz i am tired of being hurt...and now i thankful so much God...he's always be there for me and loved me for who and i what i am...and now God, hopefully he's the one for me ...

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Please continue to pray for my husband, Tom, as he battles cancer. He has started chemo, so please pray that the drugs work and will kill the cancer. Guide the doctors also. Also, pray that we can find a way to pay for the medical bills. Thank you so much....

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After years of self medicating, drinking heavy, doing dope I wasn't supposed to be doing, God has stepped in and put doctors in my life to help me. I am so thankful for what God has and is doing in my life. So very thankful.

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God forgive me for letting fear come in and listening to lies and letting myself be confused. Lord forgive me for being afraid and running away when things are hard and not being grateful. Please help me. Sometimes even people I look up to say things and because I want to find the truth, I listen and then I find it is not the truth. I am ashamed because I have not loved and I...