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About a friend.

One of my best friends is a billionaire. The quintessential jet-setting type, who owns a fleet of Learjets, has breakfast in London, lunch in Tokyo and dinner in Hollywood. This doesn’t mean he lives out of an airplane: the man is home at least once a week, for an early meal and his favorite charpoy. He runs an empire that’s just too mind boggling to poke my nose into.
He is remarkably good looking – hair that’s the colour of the raven, flowing in curls around his shoulders, much like Antonio Banderas. His aquiline nose suggests blue blood. The closely trimmed beard sets off his cheekbones, which could well be a warning sign to the greenhorns in the business. He always look...

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I ask for prayer to help me through a difficult struggle that I seem to have a hard time getting through. I'm having some problems in my relationship an I don't want to be in a relationship that I have to stress over all the time! an I don't want to be weak to him anymore I ask God to give me the strenghth I need to over come my fears with this relationship. I'm always worrying an I don't want to worry any more I just want peace an happiness in my life! I know there ...

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God Heals!

Thank you Lord for healing my grand daughter...And thank you too for the blessings of being able to pay for her hospital bills...You are not only ever faithful to us; You are also an everlasting light upon our feet.

Prayer28 460x230

I'm praying that a strike and a government shutdown does not occur and that it can be avoided. I also praying that my co workers can continue to get paid on time. I'm praying that I can continue to receive steady employment without any interruptions or layoffs. I'm also praying that I land a find and a new full time job soon. Thank you.

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Prayer's granted

Thanks to all people who help me to pray. We just received a call this morning from a person who really interested to buy our car. Thank you Lord Jesus, Christ thank you so much. For always there for us...Thank you so much...

Prayer27 460x230

Please pray for my husband, he has been sick for a long time and is scheduled for tests tomorrow, but last time he had a panic attack and he wouldn't go. please pray that he will be able to go to have the tests tomorrow.